What is Metrixx?

May 8th, 2013

What is Metrixx?

Metrixx serves as an industry hub for the financial derivative industry with built-in tools for pre-trade analysis and post-trade decision support.  With best-of-class services such as real-time news and leading communication tools Metrixx offers the derivative industry high-touch services at a low-touch cost. Services are available at Metrixx.com and through leading ISV’s including CQG and Trading Technologies.

Metrixx is a social platform that allows participants to engage industry parties more effectively.  Counter parties can build relationships and extend their network based on shared interests.  Metrixx provides the meeting place, and decision tools to engage in electronic trading.


- Traders can access calculations through Metrixx.com, through Metrixx apps, or via a Real Time Data (RTD) link.

- Calculations include Metrixx Calculated Prices for Fair Value Analysis; Spread and Basis analysis, and real-time statistics including volatility, TPO and VWAP.

- Metrixx Partners can also use Metrixx to distribute their own models and algorithms and customize the data in order to suit the Trader or specific clients.

- Metrixx provides built-in market status updates directly from real-time industry pricing databases.

- Metrixx is built on a  social business platform that  offers comprehensive collaboration tools and a comprehensive feature set of business process utilities.

- Spaces within the Metrixx community can be set up  with varying degrees of privacy ranging from complete public access to completely private spaces.

- Members can create their own group to help focus their discussion, and also invite other members to participate.

- Derivative professional use Metrixx to share and collaborate on documents both privately and publically.  Professionals can also create blogs, and meet through professional video conferencing all managed and maintained by Metrixx.